President Said Abdullahi Aw Mohamed decrees end to false currency printing

On this forum non Puntlanders were laughing at us because they knew inept Gaas was printing counterfeit currency to pay soldiers and workers because the revenue and taxes of the state were being diverted so by printing counterfeits they could sporadically pay workers which negatively effected consumers as the counterfeits brought hyper inflation making the life of the average person unbearable

Soldiers and public workers were not being paid the solution was printing counterfeit to at least continue and sporadically pay public workers.

Judges wanted to take Gaas to court as he hasn't paid them so are many soldiers and asked to stop him from leaving.

In Gaardafuul there is a video of the local police force not paid for five years and the commander said they used to get their salaries regularly under previous government.

Soldiers were on the brink of death starving.

Brilliant step taken by Mudane Deni
The CBS agrees. Cannot believe Gaas kept it going for as long as he did what an animal
Why do you think siad barre was given the nickname affweyne :chrisfreshhah::russ::lolbron:
"Irked by the Somali President's remarks, who accused the Ethiopian troops of firing artillery at the Presidential Palace and the government bases, the army general slapped the Somali president on the face.

The angry general then swore that he would kill the president and left the room. "

Poor Abdihallhi failed to keep his handlers satisfied and got his consequence.