President Deni visits the grave of Abdulahi Yusuf (AUN)


If wars can be started with lies, so can peace.
What do you suggest in dealing with this?
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Source: Inside Al Shabaab

You have entire clans who not only refuse to fight Al Shabaab but actively join them. When the majority of the country is like this, how do you establish order without foreign support?
Most of yall here were little kids but walahi he tried to negotiate with them many times. They refused and started marching towards PL. They were dealt with appropriately the moryaans disguised as wadaads.
I remember as child hearing al Shabaab was marching towards PL. If I remember correctly they were not called al shabaab back then.


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AUN to the founding father of Puntland government. May he Rest In Peace and May Allah swt guide him to the highest jannah.

Forever in our hearts.


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They would prefer it if AlShabab or the warlords were still in full control. What makes it worse is that they were marching to the North to control us but we destroyed their plans and forced them into governance. That's why they're still salty.
AY outsmarted the Hawiye in their effort to create a Talibanized Somalia. He saw right through them and called their bluff, they broke apart. This entire insurgency is just a continuation of the Hawiye civil war. They are bombing their city to smithereens thanks to AY driving a wedge between them.

AUN. He did a lot of damage to the nation but at the same time set the stage for us to even have a government again. Don't know how to feel about him.