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So I found this Somali made ''T.V'' series on YouTube called Ayans world, and its giving me black.ish vibes. It feels like it was inspired from that show tbh.
The edits are a bit wack, and the camera angles could improve but over all I think the Ep was ok and that this show has potential. :hmm:
What do you all think?

The Ep starts at 4:00

Shout out to Reer Henny for making their own Somali films. You all are creative AF :ohhhdamn:
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Its No Nut November wirya. Stop looking at booty's and actually focus on the plot, and story line.
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I did though it’s a good story but the camera man doesn’t know how to hold the camera right nigga is literally shaking the camera to death who hired that fob to press record oof and the hooyo part was on spot wallahi that echoed my brain and is giving me PTSD my mom wants me to marry some girl when I’m 16 that’s literally a year from now waaaaaaahhhh
Somali Reacts does better than this...

Why did they have to start with the Muslim being pressured into marriage trope right of the bat?