Population of Bantus in Somalia

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same people here complaining about bantus in somalia are the same ones saying they'll never return to somalia
so why do you care?

Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa/ Eid wanaagsan
I always think the reason we are in the dishonor now is how we treat/have treated minorities. Bantu dont harm ANYONE they dont STEAL all they want is to be left ALONE. but even that is to much for us somaliS
We are lazy cunsuri people who are the first to ***** when we face the same racism from sand ******* or others


Somali Bantus got no relationship with other Bantus in Africa except Madow hair and flat noses.
They're culturally Somalis and Muslim.
Innocent poor hard working people who have contributed to somali culture especially musically.
Siyad barre did a lot to make them part of the greater Somali community.
Btw Owlihan who were the first daroods to arrive in Kismayo found them there together with other midgan minority clans like tumaal.
Leave these poor Muslims alone, they're no threat to anyone


Do you think Kenya is gonna give up NFD? There are 90,000 Somalis in South Africa. But not only Somalis are attacked Nigerians are attacked too. http://venturesafrica.com/xenophobic-attack-on-nigerians-in-southafrica/
NFD is in Kenya due to the British, it stays part of Kenya again because of the British. There's no ethnicity called Kenyan, its an artificial state with 44 tribes that the British made up.
Hate on Britain and the white masters. Be a field negro.
"We can't wait for the master to die, if his house catches fire, we pray for a wind.."- Malcolm X
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