PL Must Never Trust SFG

All Puntlanders read that. Even America doesn't trust them as they create fake names to get more money. See where the corruption in Somalia is? PL has ties with CIA, do you ever hear them saying PL is creating fake names and shit to get more money. We can see where the problem in Somalia is. I hope they just throw the south into kenya or ethiopia because they have the same economy, their more suitable with each other and all settled and have no bargaining chip.

We should have separate nation with camel herders in ogaden. Throw SL in with Djibouti as their 90% settled and no different to the South. Darods are still the king of the camel whether we like it or not and that's our negiotating TOOL just like it was for NAJD who used that against the HIJAZ who were settled. We should get a mighty fine deal wallahi if we play our cards right as Darod as a whole.
Like WTF how does a nation play corruption with 'amnigooda' this shows u why their not suitable to rule Somalia. We can't have these low stock of people ruling us or we will become like South Africa, a place where noone can no longer walk down the street. We need a class system in Somalia that reflects economic realities.
PL is not joining any constitutional talks untill the south is stabilized, rule of law, and developing economically. They shouldn't waste their time on 'dastur' talks, you been given power vested in the constitution to manage all states born after 2012, forget the states that existed before 2012 as they are not under such constitution. They will only join when the south is at peace, progressing, has strong rule of law. Just like PL joined them in 1929 because there was something to join. This is wasting people time as they seek to go beyond the mandate that was given to them.

All states to be born after that constitution was signed in garowe fall under that constitution, let them work on that. They were given 4 duties only foreign affairs, immigration, currency, defence, they shouldn't interfere in the federal member state political process, election, government, development, health, education, infrastructure, business.

PL isn't a federal member state, federal member states are those states that are born after the 2012 constitution, because has a clause they are independent till the constitution is official. Why they slide that in? cause their not joining a warring south that isn't stabilized, has rule of law, federal courts, constitutional courts, and strong criminal/civil courts, their is peace and strong rule of law such as defence, policing, etc. They are not going to trade their PL for what we see in the south now.

In-fact it says they need to negiotate afterwards on taxation and resource sharing and who legal matters such as criminal, civil, federal courts. Once the south has done all that and proven they follow the constitution and have a rule of law in the south and follow their mandate and have working relationships with the states. Then they need to come to PL who will negiotate further and look at the nation well being and their interests. Then you need to go to SL
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Lool you’re confused. This is an issue of the past, the US suspended the support at the request of the govt so they could cut off and clean up. This is back in 2017, when the current admin was just starting out.

Since then the govt has been biometrical registering all SNA, a process they’ve recently completed. Now the US has resumed the support and praised the reforms made by the government.

The SNA is based all over the country, including in PL. They’re paid and managed by the FGS.

The United States will partially resume the provision of security assistance to non-mentored units of the Somali National Army (SNA). This resumption will be implemented on a pilot basis with a unit taking part in critical transition operations in Lower Shabelle. On the basis of internal reforms made by the Federal Government of Somalia and an inspection of the recipient unit, the United States assesses that the Federal Government of Somalia and the SNA have undertaken significant efforts to improve accountability over donor resources.

The United States, in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, paused assistance to non-mentored units of the Somali National Army in December 2017. This resumption of assistance demonstrates our confidence that the FGS and SNA will continue to improve accountability and fight corruption.