PL citizens complaint about foreign ships licensed by PL officials

Mayor Cabdillaahi Ciise Saalax: maraakiibta qaarkood oo ay rukhsad siisay xukuumadda Puntland ay dhibaato ku hayaan kalluumeysatada maxalliga ah ee degaanka!


The PL locals are complaining about foreign fishing vessels licensed by PL government. Those foreign ships are stealing Somali fish, with permission from PL government.


Local complaints must not be ignored or else they may become so desperate they turn to piracy or eveven worse, terrorism. Hopefully this will be resolved and we wont see another coup against another PL mayor like ina AxmedMu'min Aun. Amin

Terrorism and piracy is abetted by corruption and weak institutions when local tribes feel desperate against what they consider an oppressive government with lax security
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