Our hair is so beautiful/distinctive!

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El padrone

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Same :friendhug:it becomes very pronounced when I shave my head.
You shave bald? thats good walahi. u could let girls lick you from the forehead to back and then again from temples. the sensation is retarding walaahi. try it sxb
Really? Why?
You need someone to bring, the best
out of you, to help you grow as a

But don't go looking for a guy, who
will tell you what to do. Stay away
from those types.

I think you dominated the poor
guy, you can't change someone.

:browtf: For a detailed psychological
Analysis, we will have to take it the
DM's:yacadiim: there's eyes everywhere.....

Joesph Muktaar

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how is she somali if her grandfather is look

Somali< Other races

Somali is less than other races, the more you are, that what you are
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