Our hair is so beautiful/distinctive!

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Sultana of Samaroon
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My hair is pretty long in this pic,I dread getting low cuts because my hairline forms a sort of U shape :mjcry:.And for the record it is my real hair,why do you like it :mjpls:.Slide in anytime you're welcome.I don't bite :mybusiness:
I loathe men with thicker hair than me.:feedme:Give me some timo for my transplant.
I'm a black widow and I'd rather save you from destruction. Run along young man. :pachah1:


With blood and Iron will we reach the fatherland
No hello warya :fittytousand:

Don't worry I won't expose how you guys really feel:siilaanyosmile:
An Ethio has no right to call me warya :mahubowtf:or use the Somali language. Now don't get to comfortable you outsider :drakekidding:
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