Breaking News Ottawa officer found not guilty in Abdirahman Abdi's death

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That's why I'm anti BLM and against identifying as black. They never include Somalis in their protests and ignore our plight. Why protest for a community that ignores you?

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That's why I'm anti BLM and against identifying as black. They never include Somalis in their protests and ignore our plight. Why protest for a community that ignores you?
What do you think I was doing during the George’s protests. I was an spectator. Didn’t concern me.


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What's interesting to note here is that this case (with a knowing emphasis on the verdict) is reported exactly like if Abdirahman Abdi were in fact a black kid from Ottawa. But that can't be the case... can it?


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I let BLM do they thing. But I never went out and actually protested with them and that only has alot to do with their behavior toward Somali people. They dont stand with you, wont protest for you, wont even share these links on social media to spread awareness on your behave. I'm a Somali first before anything and black people remind you every day that passes that you're not one of them. You only are black on paper, when they come around looking for you vote pretending to be family. Dee marka kale laguma yaqaan smh


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He was in a delirium, groping women on the street
- Then a group of citizens tried to detain him for police (unsuccessfully).
- Officer chases him and describes "superhuman" strength
- Follow up officer (one being charged) helped him and ended in to the physical altercation/arrest that led to gropers death

Sounds like the guy was on drugs or else demonically possessed? Superhuman strength is often described in both cases. But then again if he was satanically influenced, wouldn't the RCMP protect him rather? There are good, normal cops here, i've met them, come across them. But there are satanic ones as well, in positions of political power.

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The somali officer that accidently shot a white women was swiftly arrested but this officer is free to roam?:what:

I doubt blm somalis will riot about this. The thing I like about reer uk is they way they protested about the death of shukri abdi. While somalis here only protest for madows but never their own. This is so fusterating!!

Wlh our blood has become so cheap. :birdman:
Lol we cant even live there freely this incident happens 10× more in Somalia without real justice
Depends on where you are at however at most places if a police office kills innocent person they will most likely go down for it because of the elders, qabil and social media these days.
Use your brains people, countless innocent black and nonblack people are killed yearly by the police. Do you guys except blm to protest for everyone?? They usually don’t. George floyd became famous because a video of him being abused went viral. Blm protest happen randomly not every time a person is killed. Philando Castile was killed in Minneapolis, there is footage which shows he was complying with the officer. He was killed and his murderer was found not guilty. He walks free among us. Black americans have dealth with these kind of situations for centuries. Seeing George Floyd being killed got them angry and they rightly protested.

This adeer AUN was killed unjustly. Unfortunately no video has surfaced, not that I have known. Also have the somali community in Ottawa held protest over his murder. I suspect they have. Black life matters is specific to America. This happened in Canada where there is low amount of black people. Most of them immigrated there which shapes there sentiments towards police.

Sidenote: There is a difference between the organization called Black life matters and the Black life matters movement.

One thing, protesting won’t solve police brutality, protecting yourselves and having eye for an eye mentality does solve it.