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Oromo Lives Matter riots across Ethiopia after shooting of Oromo Floyd, internet shutdown for the 43rd time


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"I certainly hope #Ethiopia gets through this. It is sad to see people suffer & opposition figures being assassinated."

Yeah sure you do :russ: I burst out laughing at that part
His trolling is so effective that they're trying to hack him.
But don't you think that if Ethiopia collapses that some of them will seek refuge in Somalia. I don't want Oromo qaxootis in Somalia, they heavily outnumber us
Don't worry. Ali Xun, legendary Oromoslayer will protect us.
He's smuggled hundreds directly to the bottom of the Gulf of Aden.


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2020 is the year we will never forget Wallahi.

Ethiopia ha burburto.



The singer used to diss Amhara war criminals.

He said Menelik came to Addis Abab wearing worn out clothes and on a mule.

So he was killed by Amharas in Abye govt.
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Oromos are the big ethnic group in Ethiopia, they have the biggest land in Ethiopia,heck the prime minister of Ethiopia is Oromo.

Oromo lives matter kulaha :camby::nahgirl:

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