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Lol makes sense, (not every woman) but for most with age comes confidence and wisdom, and that’s attractive.

Sadly I don’t think 30+ yo Somali women are into younger guys. And you’re not even younger by a few years, but a decade + it’s too big a gap. Sorry, better to find a nice girl your age and grow together.

Wasn't there a somali singer that married a young guy and this Somali guy from Norway went crazy?
My preference is 33-40
No gracis :idontlike:

Warya chill out sxb you're 22, don't settle down with someone a decade older than you. Start banging gym and marry a nice 20year old when you're in your 30s and established.
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Hey I am not on here that much but I’m student who takes uni serious and I am 22 years old Im almost done with school and I’ve been looking to settle down but I can’t seem to understand this interes I have towards Older women in their 30s instead of ones my age

It's my fault. You have been Jerking on Basra since u were 16. Its actually very disgusting.

Advice, marry your age. A man will fair well with a dumb woman (your age) than with a smart older woman.
I'm intrigued. Describe these women? Are they cadaan MILFs or are you actually out here fiending over one of these lil niggas' hoooyin and habaryaros

If it's the former, you need to stop what you're doing. If it's the latter, behave you sick little fuck
Not really I worked at various places which mostly had clientele of mid aged 30s Somalis and they are usually a lot better to interact with than the younger females that come by
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Looks like you looking for a hoyo, I know someone who's been adopting lost and confused faraax
@Sophisticate :mjhaps:
I do not have children
Single never married
Limited relationship history (no baggage)
Clean life
Fair minded

That might be a dream come true to the OP but I have my preferences for same age, zero baggage men from beesha.:ohno:

Good luck on your adventure.


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