old heads, come in. children stay out

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it’s crazy how fast life goes. ‘07s will be high schoolers soon wtf. Sooner or later your own kids will be in highschool.

Kids born in the ‘20s will be grown. by then forget adeer some of you will be called awoowe :pachah1:


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
I think of them as our future leaders, that is why it’s important we set a good example for them. You have teenagers who visit the politics section and they are too young to understand the complex nature of qabiil politics, so they could be easily influenced. We as the old heads have the responsibility of making sure they are better than our generation and so on. I have great hope for these brilliant youngsters :)


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I don't see u as old only if u are over 60 u are old look at lebron he is 36 looks way younger
I am more shocked at the 30 and 40 year olds on here, especially when they are unmarried. They remind me of the cool Somali guy who was our coach and who bought us sweets after we played football. Everyone can relate to this story. He was nice to the young children but you realize years later, he was miserable or had life problems and then he vanishes one day and you never see him again.


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