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okay, I see why men hate make up


She's really not ugly. You guys have been fooled by makeup. This is what a lot of girls look like when they're "unkempt". This is natural beauty. Even the best looking women like kim k look like zombies without, what do you expect lol
Who tf said kim k ugly ass is one of the best looking


Male makeup exists and it's mainly used by male models and male celebrities. Imagine if ugly Somali men used them? They would look like a handsome version of Xalimos.

Girls are pretty because of makeup. Remove it and they look naturally ugly.:manny:
Nah not all i remember is really pretty algerian girl who only used make up to cover up her scars on her face. She looked super beautiful with or without it was just damn scars!!!!!!
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Yh like my crush on Billie eilish, people are calling her really ugly but I dont see that, oh well, everyone has their own definition of beautiful
Nigga nobody finds that weird b**** attractive. She looks like a future crackhead in waiting. You need to seriously re-consider your taste in women.:gucciwhat:
hunno wallahi all men are not the same. I’ve seen couples happy who have been together for 40 years. Now go and ask @Basra to say one nice thing about her husband, you will be waiting a very long time. Is a cadaan man going to bring a harem of 7 wives like @Gucci mane will?
Obviously i know all men are not the same but a great bulk of them are not loyal doesn't matter what country. I Have a lot of other things to invest my energy on. When the right man comes i know what to do even then i wont be holding my breath.
To each their own. Peace