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I have joined.

My team name is "angry"
Welcome fella.

My early team rn is


AWB Robertson Alderweireld

Salah Martial Maddison Sigurdsson

Deulofeu Vardy Jimenez

I’ll tweak it up a bit soon IA.
Sxb can you post your team, just interested in seeing.

Here's mine.

View attachment 76645
Defenders are too expensive!

I might downgrade Laporte and change King to Wilson but satisfied so far with my team

Yep, especially Robertson and Arnold are expensive, I should've chosen Virgil Van Dijk because he served me well last season and is now cheaper than the above players. He’s a solid defender and a goal scorer. I rate him as the best defender in the world right now, but here, I will gamble with the others because they showed potential. Isn’t Calvert Lewis injured? Wilson was solid last season except the few times he missed for injuries. Zaha and Nevas are inconsistent but they are guaranteed to play week in and week out. Though I would've loved Aguero in my team, with Salah and Kane in my squad, he is expensive and as you can see there are no Man City and Man U players in my team because you will never know if the selected players will get game time. Good luck.


I don't like Kane as a player, but he proved me wrong every year. I'm more comfortable having Mane or Sterling in his place. Now, I chose him and handed him the captaincy. See he will flop.
Rageedii looking forward to playing against you and others. Remember ciyaar waa galin dambe Don’t feel bad if you do bad the first few weeks. Mistakes newbies make is use their wild card at the begging when they fall behind. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Plus always keep an eye on teams news a day or two before the games.
@Atoore Baadiye

Sxb, thanks for the tip and as a veteran on fantasy, I think it is all due to luck and good timing with the wild card because from my experiences, it worked or didn't work at the beginning, middle or at the end. I have 3 different teams (only Salah in all) in 3 three fantasy competitions. Thanks again and good luck.


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Guys don’t forget to make final adjustments to your teams. GW1 is Friday between LolPool vs Norwich City.


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@Atoore Baadiye

Sxb, I’ve been in multiple comps for few years. You aren’t doing bad too. It’s too early. Who are the other guys?
Some are on this site some on other forums.

I’m actually doing bad. The only two months I was decent in September and November. August and October were rough for me and I’m surprised I bounced back.

I’ve already used my WC which I should’ve waited for a bit longer because I have a horrible bench right now smh.


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Yeah it's still way too early, one good gameweek could give you a 200k overall boost. 40% of FPL teams are inactive clubs who haven't made any transfers the past 5 gameweeks.
Someone knows their stuff.

Inee you’re Qudhac :fredo: Horta ninyow where did the dameer Government disappear to?? Is he in our league??

I had 75 points with 10 points on the bench. Greenwood is gonna be starting soon so I might be tempted to switch back to a front 3.

I only have one free transfer and I have two Liverpool players. They don’t play in the league for a while. I’m glad I don’t have more than 2 or it would be too costly rn. :wowsweat:


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