Official Boxing Thread


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Usyk is beautiful to watch, very mystical footwork. He has one of the best jabs alongside with Triple G This was a one of the best version of Chisora. Only thing that worries me if whether Usyk has enough power to stick around with the top of heavyweights. Imagine him exchanging with AJ or Fury, he might get knock out. He's a knock out artist at cruiser weight, but he might fall short in terms of power.

Gervonta will win mark my words

Gervonta is a punk, let him fight Loma instead of a nobody.
I have nothing but respect for Dereck Chisora a real man fam he went in the ring like a warrior and left with only respect real man energy I noticed that in his most of his previous fights he was always nice in the first press conference then in the 2nd he was more mean but in his more recent fights he’s become more mature 👍🏾❤️🥊

Nigga that’s never happening your telling me 5’7 floyd who weighs 155 at most is fighting Logan Paul 6’2 who is 200 at most it’s a weird matchup don’t know how Logan would drop the all that weight if it’s boxing I’m putting my money on Floyd “Money” Mayweather if it’s MMA it’s Logan “suicide forest” Paul
@Rageedi well... it seems I was wrong