1. 486th President

    Official Boxing Thread

    I’ve only seen one other boxing thread but it had only 3 replies and lets just say it didn’t go well so let’s make this one a better thread calling all boxing fans to reply and talk about boxing or some fantasy fights or something Let’s Get Ready To Rumble
  2. Helios

    Justice Department: Don't treat transgender athletes as girls

    Thank god, women's sports would get annihilated if trannies were continually allowed to cross over and dominate them. Girls are literally losing scholarships because they lost competitions to these things...
  3. Exodus

    Should Kobe be the NBA Logo? 2.7 MILLION have signed a petition to make Kobe the logo of the NBA, replacing his old manager Jerry West as the logo. This is what the NBA logo is like NOW This is some concept design for if it's changed to Kobe...
  4. munira

    Community Funded Stadium to be built in Galkayo

  5. Keeysan

    Question about innate Somali talent

    I’ve been seeing some clips of IAAF and other similar leagues for athletes. I want to know is this athletic prowess hiding in Somalis? or it’s restricted to Oromo-Kalenjin and their related brethren whose blood remained in some Eritreans/ Sudanese
  6. DRACO

    Mohammed Ahmed wins silver medal in Commonwealth 5,000M

    Somaliland origin Mohammed Ahmed wins silver medal in Commonwealth 5,000M April 10, 2018 0 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter From left to right: Silver medallist Canada's Mohammed Ahmed, gold medallist Uganda's Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei and bronze medallist Kenya's Edward Pingua Zakayo...
  7. F

    Somalis and sport (football)

    I need to ask this question I had for a long time to my Somali brotha living in the West (England, Canada and the US) : Why these 3 countries, with a significant Somali population, don't seem to produce any athletes of Somali descent, especially football players? I know you're gonna say Moh...
  8. A

    Somalia vs Bosnia & Herzegovina (Biggest L ever)

    inalilaahi wa inaa ileyhu raajucuun. that was a big L:mjcry: 8-1 subxaanaka yaa cadiim:damn:
  9. H

    AAS in the field

    OMG......perfect body.....hottest chick of track & field