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In this thread you can do whatever talk about anything you could literally just ignore the title and post random stuff

Post any meme, or video, make sure it doesn’t break the rules either lets get it started please don’t let this thread flop
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Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
Democracy as practiced in the west is flawed. It gives everyone an equal significance when it comes to casting a vote. In our life time, we like people who are experts to do our jobs, be our doctors and engineers. However, in elections somehow everyone is the same. I don’t mean that only certain people should vote. I want everyone to vote, but there should be some sort of a course that educates and teaches the public the skills of voting. If we continue like this, it will mean the most deceiving people will win elections every time. This leads to rise of incompetent leaders such as trump etc.


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