1. 486th President


    In this thread you can do whatever talk about anything you could literally just ignore the title and post random stuff Post any meme, or video, make sure it doesn’t break the rules either lets get it started please don’t let this thread flop
  2. Ramen

    Lying sheikhs

    I never trusted these somali sheikhs on tv. They look suspicous and im 100 % sure that theyre lying to their viewers who dont understand the quran and add retarded rules. Why do old somalis praise kids who can read the whole quran? they dont understand what is said in the quran. Why cant...
  3. Ramen

    How old are you?

    How old are you? Sometimes i identify as a 15 year old but im actually 13. Some days i feel old and identify as a 45 year old black man living in Germany.