Obesity Epidemic among our Xalimo's out of Control

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When the average abdi is 6'2 and 65kg wa ruunta inaabti :damedamn:

Difference is men have more muscles in their body naturally and less fat compared to women.
Were's 99% of the weight in halimos is usually fat. So in that case 73kg is a lot.
I'm more of a fan of outdoors sports but why the heck not :damnmusic:
I just can't imagine a halimo doing sprinting. Most of them walk like penguins let alone running lol.

Atleast you haven't reached this level yet - mega status big halimos aka 90kg and over. :damedamn:
lol im guilty of finding chubby girls attractive too.. but try waking up beside her farting or eating at home with her and shes waxing down a whole plate of meat and bread i'd throw up lol. They dont wear jeans or pants either so they dont even see it realistically. Ban these bustos and have them wear pants and this will be cut in half
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