PUNTLAND Nugaal Regional Developments


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Garowe needs even more town planning- there should be an area called 'Xaafada Dowladda' with all the buildings related to the government in one side of the city- complete with all the security measures, road blocks, metal detectors they have for the Presidential compound.
Garowe has an area that pretty much houses most of the gov. buildings with the exception of the courts which are still located in center of Garowe. Last time I was there, they were making plans to move the courts to the gov row - not sure if they have done this already or not. I agree with you re: the security measures. Currently, each building has its own security.


Wow looks stunning, I love to be there and fight the dulis like @TabK @Dalalos_ibn_Adali online from garowe and say 'yeah right federalism' is so bad then why I am in this stunny hotel in garowe, where I hold a meeting in the conference room for generation Y puntite between 25-50, that is my generation and bring together our human capital and begin what policy we will add to puntland when it's our time to rule at 50-65 ruling age. @Dalalos_ibn_Adali will be stuck fixing his famine while puntites are talking about creating industrial economy


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Ma. Sweet home Garowe :wow::rejoice:It has changed so much since I was last there.

IA I’ll be bashaaling there in a couple of months.:westbrookswag::gaasdrink:
Someone needs to stop people from building these ugly buildings. Stop furnishing it with those silver panels. They think it's modern. There should be zoning laws for stuff like this. It's not like we lack stones.



2018619_stone-cladding-design (2).jpg

Pwyneth Galtrow

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I hate the company that makes those buildings. They have committed this crime in Bosaso, Galkayo and now Garowe- maybe even 2 buildings in Garowe.

Somebody needs to stop them :jcoleno:

It's like those companies live on a planet of their own where they think this looks nice.

Pwyneth Galtrow

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Did you guys see the ugly lego block built by Dahabshiil in Garowe?

These architectural crimes are ruining our landscape.

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 16.21.17.png

Gray that looks like Aluminium foil + Yellow and Green