NoFap (female version)

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So you lot can never jerk off or you'll be labelled as a :gucciwhat:

Wallahi on the quran i feel bad :liberaltears:
How do you guys never jerk off for a good 20 years min:gucciwhat:

Willpower lol.:ayaanswag: and not all of us are as horny as men :ayaanswag:

Besides if you do it a lot it'll be boring. Sharing your first orgasm with your husband is:noneck:
I stepped out for 20 minutes and suddenly this is a 10+ page thread
I love to orgasm why should I wait until marriage for a man to make me orgasm wtf !! I don't depend on men for everything. Besides it's a good sleep remedy if your an insomniac lol. But yeah the orgasms become meh if you keep doing it all the time. Just keep your mind busy i guess which is hard when young and full of lust
I hope whoever u end up with doesn't make u orgasm. U don't fukin deserve it.
I cried literally for days over A Thousand Splendid Suns and the Kite Runner. It was so heartbreaking I vowed to only read SciFi and Fantasy from then onward and I haven't looked back although I do I also have a thing for historical fiction like Wolf Hall.

Two of my favourite books of all time.
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