NoFap (female version)


cismaan maxamuud
Masturbation is 10x better than going around sleeping with people you don’t intend to be with :kanyeshrug: id advise all the somalis I know but they all got themselves into shitty marriages just to have sex while I’m actually doing something with my life so y’all can complain about my openness :obama: my sin is my sin not yours and it’s between me and Allah not somalispot trolls
>"actually doing something with my life"
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This entire thread is disgusting. Somethings you just keep to yourself.


I don't see it as a problem. It is healthy and I have no issue with masturbation. I personally wank two to three times a day.
You don't have an issue with it as you don't remember how it's like to live life without wanking every day.Try to abstain from it for a month then make a judgement saaxiib.
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A tip for newbies. Get toys that you can use while plugged into a mains socket. Nothing more annoying than a toy that bloody dies on you mid-masturbation. :/