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The name is Professor, Haji Professor
what a fucking shithole. The Arabs who built that are probably turning in the graves because of what those *ooryans have done to it:mjlol:
what do you mean:ayaanswag: I am being honest, that and 60% of mogadishu was built by Arabs. It is in a bad shape because they no longer own it.
60% of Mogadishu? Lool are you retarded?
If you're talking about the old city (xamarweyne,shangani) it was built by both the benadiris and Somalis who've always lived there.

The Somalis have lived there hundreds of years their history didn't begin there in the 90s after the war, so you sound retarded when you say they don't own it anymore.
You clearly don't know much about the city or its history, it's obvious what your comments are motivated by. The historical buildings will be refurbished, go cry somewhere else.
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