Newlywed Somali couple have issues

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It seems somalis keep making more groups for them to lie and seek attention as usual.
why would someone make this up bal?


Sug dee ninyahow
We might aswell create all for these horney xaliimos and faarxs with these fantasies somalis could be making a killing


Medical specialist in diagnosing Majeerteentitis
I knew it would be about sex. They confined marriage to sex :snoop:
I feel sad for what Somali women and women in genereal settle for. No joke, @Steamdevolopment is being real here.

No woman should let her privates parts be subject to anything but pleasure and it saddens me that her mom doesn't care for her health but instead focus on the issue of sex, it shows misplaced prioritizes and an ignorance to how delicate the balance of the female gentila. Furthermore the woman shouldn't need to ask her mother about anything if she was raised to stand up for herself and what she will use her autonomy to consent too or not.

I also detest how the guy sexuality is made a matter of Jinns when he most likely didn't have proper sexual educaiton and caught bits up from and maybe talk he heard from other men bragging and this made him think that this was okey.

This highlights the fundmental in any ultra-conservative society like the Somali, women being unable to stand up for themself or other even their daughter and men being uneducated with disregard for the a woman's need and well-being.
:what1: She f*cked up his d*ck. & if the partner does not like something they shouldn't be violated by ur crazy sex fetish
Such a boring sex they had no fun at all no anal no 3 some no toys or being tied up no shower sex no hand jobs. Watching together no futo spanking no blindfolds no whipped cream on the pussy and boobs then lick it no eating the futo.
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