Never leave your kids to a babysitter without a hidden a cam in place


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Some people on the comments are saying it was a divorced mom who did this and sent the video to his dad to see how evil she is to his offspring, 68 at it's best.:ohlord:
Makes more sense if that’s what happened. There’s all this talk about dead beat fathers but no talk about women who use kids as a tool after a divorce


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Subahanalah, a women went to hell just for starving a cat during the Nabi SAW time. What the hell do you think is going to happen to someone who hurt a harmless kid, just because of a husband. What type of revenge is that. On your own blood.

And where the hell is this dayuth "So called" Aabo. Letting a women hit your child like that. Heck, you should have realized before hand how dead beat she was and taken the child.