My mom caught me smoking

I am a proud muslim and use the quran as guidance for all aspects of my life. I don't understand why it should be clashing against worldly matters. Qashin my post all you want but you have nothing valid to say in response hencewhy you are trying to shame me for being muslim.
Inshalah i will invite you to lead magrib prayer.


1 hour ago I went out for a smoke and when I got home, my mother felt my hands without warning. She never does that usually. And since I had smoked, well she got it. I couldn't deny she already had doubts, and she didn't even try to figure it out.

She blurted out phrases like "you disappoint me, I trusted you and now I will never trust you again", "you disgust me", "you did the worst thing you can do to me" and she gave me a big slap

I tried to fix it by saying that it was just cigarettes and not drugs, that it could be bad for her, but it was actually not much. And she started to cry

What do you think ?
stay of the sigs for a awhile also get urself a pocket sized perfume