GENETICS My 23andme results

I'm a man of my word. I'll keep my promise to @piracy and reveal my results even though I'm embarrassed with my results as I didn't get 100% Somali. I'm gonna get roasted hard by the purity police. But a promise is a promise


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Your results are weird. I've never seen a Somali get middle Eastern but 0% arab. MF has Persian blood. That's actually an upgrade :chrisfreshhah:


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You seem like you're paternally from a minority clan ( Reer Xamar and Barwani) despite the heavy Somali admixture ( of nearly 80%.) It's safe to assume if you are mainstream Somali that you are either a sheegato or that you're from Digil iyo Mirifle confederacy.

At least one person with the moniker Sophisticate is 100% Somali. :silanyosmile: And that's me.


His Asian score does not fit with south Asian ancestry since south Asians in general score zero or very little central Asian on 23andme.
Central Asian is the second most common admixture in coastal cadcad somalis after South asian


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What is interesting is that I've seen 3 other people like your results and they are Somali but the Ethiopian side also comes with some Indian and some Congelese/Angolan. So the Ethiopians be getting more Indian and Congolese wow