genetic tests

  1. Sophisticated Geeljire

    GENETICS My 23andme results

    I'm a man of my word. I'll keep my promise to @piracy and reveal my results even though I'm embarrassed with my results as I didn't get 100% Somali. I'm gonna get roasted hard by the purity police. But a promise is a promise :francis::jcoleno:
  2. Milano Ahmed

    GENETICS Milano Ahmed's results

    Hi guys. I’m a newbie and here’s my results :wow1:
  3. The alchemist

    Senior Doctors Call for Crackdown on Home Genetic Testing Kits

    "False results have told women they have mutations linked to breast and ovarian cancer" "Senior doctors have called for a crackdown on consumer genetic tests, following an influx of patients who have been wrongly told they are carrying dangerous mutations linked to cancer or other devastating...