Mother of Minister Siraji demands the killer of her son to be executed ASAP

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Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa/ Ramadan karim
Walaal Abdulle i am all up for Somalinimo and Somaliweyne, but if you insist that we Somalis continue on Qabyaalad Federalism, then dont cry wolf everytime you or another looma oyaan gets killed, like Odayaasha HG said; ''when it comes to killing, no-one is better then them''.

Stigma clans face in Somalia shows the nature of the clans itself, i.e;

MJ> Dabayacos (Cowards, their backs riddled by bullets, due to running away when battle heats up)

HG> Il-jeexs (Moryaans, Cold hearted SOB not even sparing Grannies)

:whoo:Whoo, i'll take moryaan anytime than an Coward!
"i am for somalinimo iyo somaliweyne" :mjkkk:

God bless federalism :rejoice:

Maxamed bin Harti

Talo alle udaa/ Ramadan karim
Ma sha allah,:rejoice: I thought for minute that you were one of those puntite secessionist:salute:
I am realist and ok with my autonomy if there is nidaam for everyone to follow.

But who we kidding, we talking about niggas who are still in denial/fighting federalism which is the only system that can work for Somalia. Unfortunately, It will fail and that will be it for Somalia :manny:


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
I couldn't agree more walaal :lawd:
Agree more? You want to see Somalia fail like he does? With his mindset he would fit in perfectly fine in hargaisa or burco xaasidnimoda intas la'eeg illahay ba kugu dharshee bal arag.

Xaasid weeye & a xaasid never prospers once the going gets tough the tough get going & Puntlanders love somalinimo & they're known to be patient, persevering & resilient. Puntland existed for almost 20 years don't you think if we all had his mindset we would of jumped ship already?

In sha Allah things are looking up & the future is looking bright biskinka ka qabso this soothsayer iyo habaarkiisa inkaar qaboha kkk
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Yuusuf direed Founding Father of Ahlu-naar
f*ck up @Boqor Quark Boqor Cisman xaasidka oo somalidiidka ah kharbash set up a isbaaro on his jugular :siilaanyolaugh:
This is just cybertrolling i'm doing merely for self amusement which is bad (astaqfirullahi always), in reality we all support Justice not matter what form just like how we support Somaliweynimo and all Somalinimo.

But i sometimes sense that some individual here and such really do vent out their real Political views on how disgusting their stance are, such as secessionism and Somalia being hacked into mini states for Ethiopia and Kenya interest, that is my red line that pisses me off!

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