Most repulsive accent


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As someone from a non English speaking country, all British accents sound weird to me, especially when Somalis speak like that.

I prefer American English, it is way easier to understand.
Hear that you UK biscuits, American accents superiority confirmed.
I was at dugsi once with all Somalis and this one girl thought I wasn't Somali because I didn't 'speak' like one.

That's when I realised how nasty the roadman accent was (esp on girls) and how glad I was to not have it:wowsweat:


Take the Poo to the loo

The old kiss on the neck trick :russsmug:



"You are your best thing"
Yes, they all sound alike because there literally is no difference in accent among them

Doesn't sound bad, just bland. I'd prefer a Southern accent.
I wonder if these people think Minnesotans sound like they did in the Fargo movie :mjlol:


"You are your best thing"
Let’s goo doown the lake, eh?
“I’m going crazy down by the lake” that’s totally something a Minnesotan would say lol
Do you guys sound like Ilhan Omar? 90% American with Somali fob undertones. I've only heard American Somalis speak without a distinct accent when they speak like African Americans. Like that Blackcharcoal guy on youtube.
I don’t know Ilhan came here when she was older she still has that Somali accent, same with Halima Aden.
I would say most people my age that grew up/born here, speak like this girl

Don’t know how it sounds to you guys but we can tell the difference lol