Most Beautiful Somali girl


A sane man to an insane society must appear insane
I do not know what it is about women like her that I find very appealing they still have their primordial nature intact their femininity, shyness its seems that in the western world women are stripped from their femininity and have become masculine due to genetically modified foods and all the other chemicals and pesticides likewise men have become effeminated its a sad state of affairs
I really like how freely shes walking around and the men not specializing her. If I walk around like that today my God! Lol just yesterday as I held the door for a woman and her baby two grown ass men behind were acting like they have never seen fuuto before. I wasn't even naked I was just slightly bend over lol
Lookz like a few freshiez to the west minus the buuq/balayo and a true wifey material but too bad girls like her are rare almost