Mogadishu Tuk-Tuk Umbrella Organisation present their new logo


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My father spoke fluent German and worked for the Interpol division at the the police command center on a need basis. His main task was with the department called the lead division of planning and training of officers.

I have pictures of him seated at a conference, him on one side and about a dozen high ranking officers graduating on the other side. He used to teach these officers before they were sent to Italy and Germany for training. The officers had to pass a qualifying test to continue their studies outside Somalia. These officers came from all regions and clans of Somalia. They had one thing in common, they were educated.
KAISER SOZEY IT WAS KAISER SOZEY NAY NAY NAY THE German language is amazing and english derives from it hence germanic languages
They’ve no clue about it and thought the symbol to be cute. Somali adage: Nin aan wax ogeeyn, allow ha cadaabin. Similar to; ignorance is a bliss.


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