SOMALIA Modern Apartment towers opening in 2021 in Hodan district of Xamar


Its right next to my cousins house, might encourage him to sell his plot and buy few apartments in these new buildings but not sure if its smart decision.
Very bad idea more apartments will be built in this area and paved roads will be coming atleast according to the info posted. If true his plot will gain alot more value if he just holds it. People who buy land kill for this type of positioning and do everything to get information on the newest projects.

Diaspora rent these spots mainly so expect north of $600
600 is even small I wouldn’t expect this to be any less than 900 it will probably be cheaper at first and then rent will increase yearly until they reach atleast 1200-ish.


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They gotta start building these apartment high rises closer to the beach, would be cool to rent a place overseeing ocean.



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Instead of fancy stadiums and buildings for photo opps that the average Xamar native won’t have access to I’d prefer for a federalized education system so the next generation may develop the country it worked for Singapore :nvjpqts:
Education already federalize.


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what you guys talking about , seriously,
do you really think these were ment for the average joe ( Faarax iyo awies) .

the business community is doing a better job than the government, bringing the city back to normal .
dowlada need to focused on regulating and organizing the construction boom and proirtize the rehabilitation of moqadisho roads and public spaces
, and most importantly provide SECURITY above all .

were fucking sick of war , 30 years of fucking meaningless killing .
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Al Jazeera did a segment on construction boom in the capitol and you can see this apartment building a few times

Good for ppl of Mogadishu, these buildings are looking good, big things are definitely happening if cranes and building lifts are about.

We own a very lands in hodan and halwadaag.

Btw It would be a good idea if the city expanded, land is vast in Somalia ppl should take advantage, I think more roads would be a nice idea too.


they look nice hopefully the locals or at least diasporas take advantage of these buildings rather then the turks who would never live in them but would lease them out for way more then they are worth


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these look very nice but they're probably trying to target the diaspora. You'll also need affordable housing for those who can't afford the prices


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