Marrying a none Muslim woman

I think its mostly the redpill/incels who've remixed parts of Somali dhaqan with their delusions.

Old school Somalis who are also obsessed with qabil still do not downplay the influence a mother has on a child. They even have various proverbs about this.
I swear, it’s like they see women as nothing but vessles that have no influence over the progeny, when they have the strongest
This is probably one of few rules in Islam that I strongly question it’s authenticity. Because we all know that kids spend majority of their time with mom, and that kids have a strong unconditional bond with their mothers that they don’t with their fathers. So it’s almost insane to conclude that kids with Muslim father but Christian mother will remain Muslim. But that a Muslim mother but Christian father means the kids will be Christian. It’s actually comical, because it’s actually the reverse. If anything a Muslim woman regardless of her husbands religion is more likely to raise Muslim children. I’ve seen few Muslim men married to Christian women and guess what? their children are almost always Christians, even the men gets influenced.
I believe it’s a load of dung. Probably made by horny Arab men when they saw Europeans and wanted to take their women, but didn’t want vice versa to happen :icon lol:
I swear, it’s like they see women as nothing but vessles that have no influence over the progeny, when they have the strongest
Its obsession with power and control they have, so they think in a marriage they are the ultimate control over everything. But they fail to see they cannot control the bond a mum has with her own child.


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Yall aspiring fathers ready for that lonely period when the mother has kids and all the attention goes to the kids. That lonely period some men can’t handle and then what’s worse is when the wife divorces a 40 , 50yr old husband. Fatherhood is a lonely process especially in the cadaan culture 😂🥲
I've met some very attractive Yemeni yahud girls before and I thought of being in a marriage with them since I'm lawfully allowed. However, I quickly remind myself it really isn't worth the trouble and headache of raising up children in a multi-faith household.

As always, don't make life harder for yourself than it already is unless, of course, tribulation is written for you already.

There is no power nor strength except by Allah.
I learnt that Muslim man can marry none Muslim woman but women are not allowed.

I learnt all of this because of drama ofcourse...

The story goes that an Abdi (who I barely know) is look to marry his Christian gf. His parents had didn't know they were dating since he lives far away and as expected, his parents do not approve of their marriage.

Before you ask, I have no idea what her race is

A question for the part time Sheikhs

Would the kids be Christian?
From what ive gathered its actuaaly looked down upon to marry gaalo if there is an abundance of muslim women.
Islaan gaal mxaa xaas oga dhigani anoo ujeedo Nasro iyo xalimo?