Man gets publically humiliated as his girlfriend who he was with for 7 years cheats on him on stage LIVE with famous musician.


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In Japanese culture the only way to rid yourself of this shame is a sword to the gut. Miskeen nigga
Public humiliation has got to be the worse shit damn it's so over for him he ain't recovering from that
Okay, say Nicki Minaj offered me a lap dance at one of her concerts, I'd refuse on principal. It's one thing taking up a artist's offer when you're single, but when you're in a relationship where your partner is attending said event, and you decide to indulge in your 'unconscious feelings', you're finished mate, that will never excuse you for cheating.

Imagine If my wife was pregnant and there hasn't been any bedroom action for a while, fair enough, it happens, that doesn't give me a leeway to cheat on her, circumstances be damned.

Cheating is cheating.
Who are you arguing with? I never said any of this. Glad to see you're a man of honour, though.

I never said cheating is justifiable. Reread my posts. All I'm saying people should probably be wary if the artist is the partner's celeb crush.
This is my first time seeing this video but I certainly don't feel sorry for him.

Why do people take their S.O. out to the concerts of s3xually charged artists their partner loves?

If he had taken her to see a female singer she likes instead, this crisis could have been easily averted.

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You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now.


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@Aseer Oi, why'd you give me a qashin?

Do you actually disagree with the notion that Chris Brown is a serial abuser of women?
Oh I did not even click on the link and idk who is breezy, I thought you meant that you would do the same action as the girl with omah lay.