Man gets publically humiliated as his girlfriend who he was with for 7 years cheats on him on stage LIVE with famous musician.

I went to a Migos concert with my ex and didn't have to worry about them stealing my girl. All they do on stage is just jump around and flex on niggas with their jewelry.

They definitely made me feel like a broke ass nigga.

Concert was still amazing though because this was the tour after they dropped "culture". Hearing "bad and bounce" live was magical :banderas:
Yeah, you're right. It really depends on the artist's vibe and the type of person you're with, at the end of the day.
It's not about whether you or her should be allowed to, man. Obviously not. People do things that are wrong all the time. It's about minimising the chances of it occuring for me.

I'm talking about the unconscious feelings lurking beneath that may take over if your partner isn't that serious about you, whether it's because you just started dating or if you just aren't feeling each other like that anymore.

And I'm not talking about someone as stiff & asexual as Taylor. I mean the really sexy RnB performers. People like Usher or Teyana Taylor who pull people on stage and really go at it like this clip here. Or Latin American artists who have so much raw sexual energy as they do bachata and bring someone on stage to duet with them. During those high-energy moments, it's kinda hard to say no, don't ya think?

It's not cheating I'm specifically worried about. It's the kicking off of a series of chain events that may make my partner feel bad (or him making me feel bad).

Okay, say Nicki Minaj offered me a lap dance at one of her concerts, I'd refuse on principal. It's one thing taking up a artist's offer when you're single, but when you're in a relationship where your partner is attending said event, and you decide to indulge in your 'unconscious feelings', you're finished mate, that will never excuse you for cheating.

Imagine If my wife was pregnant and there hasn't been any bedroom action for a while, fair enough, it happens, that doesn't give me a leeway to cheat on her, circumstances be damned.

Cheating is cheating.

Why do I have the feeling that you were one of the Swifties that flew into Melbourne from another part of the country that 9News was reporting on instead of you being a true local?

I'll have you know I'm walking distance from the MCG and CBD, who do you think was hosting the fam when we were getting ready for Taylor? :ftw9nwa:
Cruel summer, shake it off, bad blood, wildest dreams, and I knew you were trouble. All these songs by Taylor swift are :z1banet::z1banet::z1banet::z1banet:

Taylor Swift is one of the greatest popstars of our generation :ufdup:

Wildest dreams slowed + reverb will forever be my eternal crack, wallahi it does something to my soul :wow:


Forza Somalia!
So if my so takes me to a Taylor Swift concert (I love her don't judge), I can grind on her and touch her privates?

That's a insane leap in logic right there, you can adore an artist and still not cheat lol
ar nin miyaad tahay misa haween?
Seems to me both were placeholders for each other. I don’t believe for one second he didn’t know she was this ratchet.

It's going viral on every social media platform and the internet :mjlol: I feel immensely sorry for him these girls that fangirl over these celebrities are not loyal and she also told the guy on stage she was single and all the feminists trying to justify it by saying she "was not married after 7 years":kanyehmm:
Life of mushreekens


I don't understand people that go to concerts. I can't stand being in extreme loud environment surrounded by thousands of people.


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