Maaylanders (SWS) using cadaans as photo-op


i do it anyway i like
these maay maay niggas claiming land that ain't belongs to them yaap
:mjlol::pachah1:what a map


The best Kyrgyzstan had to offer
I’m really annoyed by these people. The ooga booga iq 68 people had enough problems and now this?? Go to Tanzania where y’all are from


Soomaali waa Hawiyah Iyo Hashiyah
Let them have their shine. Only clan that never had a militia till all shabab arrived
Isnt about shine it’s about the fact that β€œmaayland” is mostly alshabab territory and the rest is bantu land. Rahanweyn wouldn’t even be the majority in this β€œmaayland”


i do it anyway i like
the name is retarded maayland kulaha they need to change that sh@t but still not bad but before they free themselves from somalia they need to free themselves from al shabab