Literacy by region


I could agree with you but then we’d both be wrong
Hawiye and Rahanwayn in General are illiterates.
Can someone explain me how they collect this data? Somalia has no official schools and yet most Somalis seem to able to wright ans read af somali and arabic. I think they just consider you illiterate if you didn't go through formal education but I'm pretty sure most people can read to a basic level, maybe not fast but they can. There are also many private unofficial schools.
I refuse to believe less than half of some regions is litterate.
Hawiye and Rahanwayn in General are illiterates.
Don't you feel embarrassed insulting others while the whole country is a mess? Foreigners could say somalis in general are illiterate. How would you feel? You seriously boosting the fact that your region has 50% litteracy rate?
I wonder what these figures would be like if the Somali language was written in the Arabic script which has a steeper learning curve than the Roman script.
Most Somalis can read arabic. It would probably be better in some ways cause even reer badiye learn arabic alphabet and religion would automatically encourage everyone to learn. You could have litteracy in af somali just by attending dugsi Quran. The main disadvantages would be in learning foreign languages especially English


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