List of Khaatumo people killed by Silanyo Gov - 2011- 2012 - Over a hundred

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Abaha dhakada ka was. Fucking hypocrites. To my fellow darods kill isaqs where ever u see them. F Booty clapping dhiilos
Killing is never the solution. You guys need to go after Siil'Leefe and Bixii. Not every Isaaq is your enemy. They too are suffering in their own land.
Why are you defending the terrorists?
You don't see us defending godane or afagani who were isaaq, terrorists don't have qabil.:fittytousand:


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If i was dhulbahante this would enrage me, im already pretty angry right now. AUN to every one they killed:kendrickcry:


Wallahi dulbahantes over should explain why dulus are so pro Somaliland. I can't understand it till today. Some of my dulu relatives are die hard SL supporters. Why hate on Pl and love SL?? This question I haven't been answered till today. Coz we share no history or blood with SL. Yet a harti state is next by and they're hated?
Is it cause SL is better than Pl, or have dulbahantes inter married so much with isaaqs and they're basically becoming one.
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