Lebanese-Somali girl talk about racism in Lebanon

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In this case halimo is Arab herself (warsangeli are J) born and raised in Aden.
It's surprising how you know so much about warsengali. My brother married a Syrian Yemeni from Aden. My father married in Aden and my granfather grew up there.You are very learned


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Arabs are white people to me. I treat them the same as reer Johnson even tho they beg too much to be anything but white in the USA while hating dark skin people in their country. Stay in your lane sand cracka :birdman:


Are you surprised? Look how they treat Syrians refugees, let alone a Somali:

Lebanese are some of the worst scum on this earth.


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I didn't watch the video and I already know the dad is Lebanese and mum is Xalimo :mjkkk:
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"I can't imagine the depths your self esteem has to sink to even consider marrying a dhegcas who thinks you're beneath him." :gucciwhat:

Somali women: "Hold my shaah..."
Somali guy also married Lebanese girl in Denmark but he was so ugly that her dad said she was blind in her wedding party because she had chosen the ugly guy and left all these handsome Somali guys who were guests at party.

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