Landmark moment in Somalia Peace deal signed between Puntland and Galmudug

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Today is a glorious day. Mudug the region after Mogadishu and Jubadda Hoose the most fragile and origin of conflict has been finally laid to rest.

I commend the VP Amey and Hashi for their resolve and anyone working for this peace deal.

They will be remembered for bringing peace to Mudug.

Somalis should rejoice.
This is historic indeed.

Joint police force will be expanded to the whole of Mudug and conflict areas in the rural and countryside.


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How many peace deals have been signed now and the mooryans still break the peace?



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Anyone that breaches it will be recognised as a spoiler of peace by the International Comunity and dealt with accordingly.
These are mooryans we are talking about, you think they care about international community?

Tjioux today is magnificent because before there was no plan today firm actions have been agreed.

A joint force will be set up in the rural and which will tackle any confrontations occurring or spilling out of hand.

Today the people of Mudug inside the country or diaspora should all come out it is their day.
This is a real moment in the history. One of the longest and arguably source of civil war has been put to rest.

Tangible solutions have been agreed upon.

The future is bright for Mudug.

Today they broke free.
Why is this deal final one?

The right steps of solving conflicts have been taken. Joint forces will operate in the rural area of Mudug as well as Galkayo.

A peace conference will be held within 90 days.

This examples follow steps taken around the world to solve conflicts.

Joint troops will prevent fightings spilling into full blown clan wars where Puntland and Galmudug had to get involved.

A peace conference will bring everyone together and reconcile clans people will settle their scores and the joint army can finish the rest.

They will arrest perpetrators so the opposing side does not have to take action themselves.
No more lawless Mudug. Every action taken by men of both sides will be dealt in that manner.

The rule of law has finally come to former lawless buffer area between Mudug's rival clans.
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