Ladies would you?


Just another day for the Ciyaalsuuq Philosopher
Just let him know that you're good with money. How much you got dont really concern a man
Yes, I'd buy buy myself a nice 3-bed contemporary and tell him to build and live in the shed. He can enter through the backyard door and I'll make him create a nice little doggie door to put the groceries he bought through because there's NO WAY I'm splitting the bills with a #broke nigga. Of course, I expect him to for the utilities because he's not a man if he doesn't. I'll only meet him every full moon for copulation.
lol ok pick-me, it's 2020 and you really wanna keep us in the 12th century? Level up.
thats mansplaningahaahh how dare u sir woman he she it is we are they are thæ are patriarchy sexism assault verbal harassement off with the lower end of the body