Ladies of SSpot Appreciation Thread


Wistful Wanderlust
You are appreciated here too sis, you make the place better:kendrickcry::friendhug::friendhug:
:mjpls: It's because of you. You ladies see the best in me so it's only natural that I see you in the same light.

@sophisticate you are a very classy xalimo. Thank you for introducing the 7-year courtship idea to me. It’s a good way to get rid of the bugs. Long may you reign as our somalispot queen.

Ps @VixR @Toxique @toomacan and @hade if you are reading this...stay blessed ladies and never change. :yousmart:
Bravo. :qri8gs7:The 7-year courtship is the Litmus test for durability that weeds out the cads from the dads. I'm pleased that it helped. I am also int he presence of royalty. *Adjusts @Afique's crown.*

Appreciation to the Muslim female cohort on SSPOT.
That's nearly everyone :lol:

@sophisticate Finesse is not the champion of somalis :faysalwtf: she's a tribalist who attacks us honorable marehan and accuses us of being squatters in our own land.

Check her posts on political/tribal council :kanyehmm:
I rarely visit the politics section. And I think it's best when I stay away. :ohno:

Love to all Sisters here, except the Qumayooyin. :diddyass:
Thank you, bro.


[Certified Wizard]
@A_A was my favourite Bollywood lover. I didn't even mindn the fact she liked Bollywood

@NA9 the ultimate madow woman. She's who you face after defeating BLM girls on twitter.

Knowles and @xalimathe6 the Farah karbaashers :krs:
I remember when I use to get into verbal matches with that Canadian bîtch, I use to go straight to the fact she was a hawiye everytime. I wonder where she went.

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