Ladies help me pick a present for my pregnant sister.

Are you trying to kill yourself? War I aint saying I coock better but that looks dangerous.

Osso Bucco is it somekind if native dish?

Waryaa, don't worry about the Osso Bucco and get the treadmill for your sister. I wish her and the baby well. If you don't have enough money, ask @R.Kelly to start for you a GoFundMe account.


Baby stuff is helpful in a practical way, but you should also get her something non-baby related.

What is your sister into?
Get her some flowers!

Flowers & Somali? I once gave flowers to a female relative who has given birth and guess what she told other relatives? Ma gaal buu ii qaatey? She wanted more xalwo to bloat her further. Treadmills for Halimas to help them regain their original weights and not look like their mothers at 23.