Jewish woman has been lying about being black while working as an AA history teacher


Taxation is theft
This chick also profiting on her fake identity by selling books and jobs. Mindy Kaling’s brother faked being black for a free scholarship. I don’t understand why AAs try to embrace everyone. SMH

Grigori Rasputin

“No more your dad” “your mom loofs me”
Wariyaha SomaliSpot
This will continue to happen as long as there’s no common sense. In the US you are black with the one drop rule. As oppose to Brazil that has categories.

You got Shaun King claiming Madoownimo and when confronted about having two white parents the dude said my mother cheated


Taxation is theft
Fucking Jew b****. The only good Jew is a dead one. Jews are people that I would happily put in slavery. I just love seeing them suffer :mad::mad:
African Americans love them . Nick Cannon is start caping for Jews and saying we’re all Jews. It’s so cringe . @Nåture Brace yourself and have a bucket on standby in case you need to throw up after watching this mess.