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it seems like the news has reached very far already


I am Somalian
Btw she was definitely under the influence I mean why else would you send such a thing to other Somalian girls knowing damn well they'd expose I think she doesn't remember sending it.

When I'm mad intoxicated I send shameful things too


God bless the gays!
so as i eavesdropped on my hooyo yelling at her phone this afternoon, the main subject of topic was the reer i’m girl taking ba-
either way, seems like her entire life is now ruined and they even have access to everything about her
scary shit
i don’t even live in UK and have like two relatives over there
So what did they say about her mother?


"You are your best thing"
Someone update me what’s going with Farhia Fiska’s daughter? She is a minor and released sex tape miiya? Or is it revenge porn?


I am Somalian
Fiskas daughter is just angry her mother was known for many scandals too so all that bottled up anger she threw at exposing this.other girl.

Macalin M

Ciyaalka xaafada
Oh so it’s not her in the video? Why would the other girl send it to her or is it the boy? Do we know how old the boy is?
Nah some other girl is in the vid. Who knows why... the caption did say something along the lines of “pornstars can’t have chat for me” so they probably got into a disagreement.

Odkac WRLD

The Sheegadslayer.
she’s the epitome of retarded
by sunday she’s gonna be in hargeisa- heard she was isaac LMAOAOA
It’s amazing
In one foul swoop, she killed her chances of marriage, standing in the community, or even the bare minimum of respect from other Somalis
I only feel bad that she didn’t realize how this would destroy her and her families name:camby:

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