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Your superior
jews have contributed a huge amount to the world in terms of scientific advancement, culture and entertainment so I support Israel


The name is Professor, Haji Professor
Simple, Winners and Losers. You either win or lose. Isreal winning arabs losing. I don't care for neither but in my eyes they both have the same sense of legitimacy. the winner takes all at the end of the day.
I don't support discriminatory laws or oppression. However, we as Somalis have way bigger problems of our own. Trust me no Palestinian or Isreali is out there crying about the state of Somalia. That's why I don't give a crap about either side. Though I do like that the state of Israel was the first ever country to recognise a independent Somalia. Let's be honest, right now, Arabs are one the biggest enemies of Somalia. Although this is not the Palestinian Arab but, it is their other Arab cousins.


Intellectual saqajaan
Then why do you *love* Israel?
I like their contribution to the human race's development. They did all that while they were the most hated group
for no reason. I like to contrast that to Arabs who've mustered 0 Nobel prizes throughout history. They
also have a liberal culture and are mostly atheistic (50% of Israelis are non-religious). I don't get paid to be
an Arab booty clapper.
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