Is Trading Red Sea access at Zialla port town for Ethiopia a Good move for Somaliland recognition?


[[Puntland Republic 🇸🇱]]PIM[[C.S(BihinYusuf)]
I have been reading lately on Somaliland's desperate for recognition and Bihi's government handing out Zeilla port to Ethiopia on a silver platter to Ethiopia as it's last move from secessionist state to gain a full independence from Somalia.

The importance of historic town Zeilla to all Somalis is something we are all aware off, the town is strategicly located 170Km from both Berbera and Boorame on both side, while the historic Ethiopian town of Harar is located only 320 km on the west of Zialla right in the heart of the biggest landlocked country with most population in Africa.

As a huge critic of Somaliland's pipedream of recognition I have personally chanhed my instance on the issue and came to agree with the failed seccenist republic that trading red Sea access for Ethiopia for recognition is not a bad move.

This change of heart on my part had nothing to do with Somalia being in much worse situation than it was before nor it had to do with ISIS completely shutting down the Bakaara market inside the Amisom Capital city of Somalia.

Your opinion please.