OPINION Is there an agenda behind this “Stop The Asian Hate”

I dont understand why blacks keep buying hair products from asian stores 🤦‍♂️ atleast buy it from black owned. they literally waste billions of dollars from that
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I’ve seen photos of Rihanna protesting with SAH, but I've never seen her at a BLM protest.
Good for her. I have never supported BLM. The SAH cause is way better.


-"Defund the police"
-Literally pro-criminal
-Literally protests in defense of actual criminals... for example I remember when BLM protested because a black man got shot while charging at the police with a knife
-In favor of abolishing the family

-"Don't randomly attack elderly Asian people"
-doesn't burn buildings or cause trouble

SAH is way more reasonable. If BLM was as reasonable, I'd have no problem with it.
The whole thing's been co-opted by the CCP and Baizuo cadaans pushing their own political narratives. "You no say Chinese governement treat Uighurs bad, it Sinophobia! you lacist!".
I get extremely enraged when I read the BLM supporters views on here. I feel like choking them when I see how they easily disregard Asian lives. As if Asians aren’t worthy of life. May Allah bring back those here who have been infected by the BLM virus. They think they can get away with anything because of their skin colour being darker.

I wish our community was as hardworking and education focused like the typical Asian immigrant. Instead we chose welfare, drugs, prostitution and chasing after causes that don’t concern us at all.