Is the majority of habesha culture of sabaean origin?


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Speaking of habeshas how are they nappier than Somalis yet somalis are more SSA ancestry than them :confused:
Papuans have nappier hair than Australian Aborigines, yet both groups are pure Oceanic (historically at least, for Australian Aborigines).

It is just localized evolution.


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Anyhow, @land owner what about all the Arabic / Islamic influence in Somalis (culturally)..

Who is to say that Habeshas are culturally less North-East African than Somalis. It is heard to measure objectively.
It's a mixture of Sabean/Semitic & Cushite cultures.

In the end, there's nothing wrong with positive cultural influences, especially from fellow Hamito-Semites. Various European & Indo-European groups have been culturally influencing each other for centuries as well.


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